LayoutTells you how to play each hole with photos & tips below.

How to play

This is a easy starting hole. You have 2 options – go for the green or playsafe. The fairway is narrow with an OB on the right after 140 yards & on the left is a thick grove of trees for the first 140 yards. There is a depression 20 yards short of the green that is almost like a grass bunker. Go long & there is water behind the green & a fence which does not give you any room to play a shot. The safest line is left of the green if you are attacking the green. Safest option is to use a mid iron & play to about 150 yards. This will leave you with a short wedge into the green. Second shots into the green do not hold often as the green is hard & you need to ensure your approach has enough elevation so that it can bite & stop. The green is fast, slopes from back to front & left to right & has a huge hump in the back center that makes putting on this hole a challenge.

HINT: Your second shot is key here as making the green safely in two is a challenge often if you lay up.
  • Back 375
  • Middle (M) 368
  • Middle (L) 368
  • Front (M) 331
  • Front (L) 331